Best Nephrotic Syndrome Specialist in Pune

Nephrotic Syndrome

Kidney biopsy, specific treatment

Some kidney problems can often be found with blood and urine tests, a sonogram (an image made by ultrasound) or other special x-rays, and a physical exam rather than a biopsy. But in some patients with certain types of kidney disease, and those with a that is not working well, a correct diagnosis can only be made with a kidney biopsy.

Specific reasons to do a kidney biopsy include:

  • Blood in the urine (hematuria) or protein in the urine (proteinuria).

  • Abnormal blood test results.

  • Acute or chronic kidney disease with no clear cause.

  • Nephrotic syndrome and glomerular disease (which happens when the filtering units of the kidney are damaged).

A kidney biopsy may also help to find:

  • If a disease is getting better with treatment or if it is getting worse. It may also show a problem that cannot be cured, but can be slowed down by other therapy.

  • How much permanent damage has happened in the kidney?

  • Why a transplanted kidney is not working well and helps your doctor decide on further treatment.

  • A kidney tumour.

  • Other unusual or special conditions

  • If a certain treatment is hurting your kidneys